​How to purchase a puppy from us

After we have received the filled out questionnaire, we will schedule a phone call to answer any further questions.  
Puppies receive early neurological stimulation (ENS) starting a day or two after they are born until their eyes open (at about 2 weeks). This is additional to our daily handling and snuggling with them.
Starting at 2 weeks every 2 weeks, our puppies are dewormed. They are dewormed 4 times before they head to their new families.
We raise our puppies on a modified Puppy Culture program to teach them important life skills.
We temperament test them around 6 weeks to determine which family they are best suited for.
At this time we invite prospective puppy buyers to visit our puppies and introduce them to the puppy/ies, that we feel best suits them.  During this visit the puppy buyer will be able to reserve their puppy by paying a $500 partial payment and signing the sales contract. The contract will be emailed one week before the puppy visit, so puppy buyers can read it and ask any questions they may have.  We will also provide the puppy buyer with a list of recommended items they can get in preparation to bringing their new family member home.
At 8 weeks we have their eyes checked by a board certified ophthalmologist. During this week the puppies have their vet appointment for a health check and first round of vaccinations.
At about 9 -10 weeks the puppies are ready to leave for their new homes. Each puppy receives a puppy package that entails their eye exam and vet/vaccination record, instructions on feeding, vaccination schedule, a sample of recommended foods, the parents' health and genetic clearances and a toy.
Please enjoy pictures of typical T-n-T puppies until we have a puppy for you.

Typical T-n-T puppies from previous litters




 We are planning a litter in August 2024! Please send the filled out questionnaire to us if you want to be on the waiting list for this highly anticipated litter!

​We always welcome serious inquiries!  If we don't have Australian Shepherd puppies for sale or you are looking for adult Aussies for sale and you would like to be put on our waiting list, we ask that you fill out our puppy questionnaire on our 'contact us' page.  We are happy to discuss future breeding plans or available adults with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!  


Please, read on our Information page how we raise our puppies and the process to purchase a puppy from us.