UKC CH Sunchaser T-n-T Kidnap Faith


Dob 3/17/2008


In loving memory

T-n-T's Golden Sunchaser



The Girls

T-n-T's Midnight Memories


Dob 1/1/2013

Retired - living with friends

CH Aladdin's Gallant Hussar x Cadam's Oh what a Night

CH Morning Mist Jive Talkin x  CH Sunchaser T-n-T Kidnap Faith 

T-n-T's Smoking Gun TKN x T-n-T's Midnight Memories

T-n-T's Porsche TKN


Dob 4/21/2020

CH Legends Smok'n Brasandos Nitani x At Sunchaser Kathleen Blue De L'Oree

CH Heatherhill Without a Trace x CH Sunchaser T-n-T Kidnap Faith

Int CH T-n-T's Dreamin Big TKN


Dob 5/6/2015